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I want to say a massive well done to all the year 2’s for their hard work over the last 2 weeks. They have showed so much resilience and determination during their SATs week- One more left tomorrow!

This week we started our new English project.. Fishy Feast! We are creating instructions for the perfect meal for our penguin in peril. Apparently his favorite food is a fish finger sandwich. We have been busy  sampling different sauces and finding the key features in  a set of instructions. On Friday we planned our own, thinking about what we will need and how we are going to make it.This week we will be writing up the instructions and making the sandwiches on Thursday.

The children have been learning about different habitats and the animals that live there. We have researched the food they eat and how the animals are adapted to their surroundings. We have discovered that all animals eat different things and can be grouped into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

This week we had Sophie and Quincy make it onto the extraordinary zone for their ignite your write. They independently used resources around them to make their writing the best it could be.

Our star of the week went to Zac for his enthusiasm to reading both inside and outside school. He has brought his book in every day this week. Well done :)

Letters for Blackpool went out on Friday- can they be returned asap please.

See you all tomorrow!

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What a short and snappy week it has been but the children have been FAB!

In maths we have continued with telling the time, focusing on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to with some children moving onto 5 past and 10 past etc. Telling the time is something we need to practice all the time and as much as possible. So any spare time at home get testing 🙂

The children have loved the story ‘Penguin in Peril’ that we have been reading during our English lessons. This week the penguins have escaped the police and we have been creating our own wanted posters to try and find them. We have spent lessons building up a description of the cats, thinking about their personality and appearance. The descriptions have been so good! Blown away with some of the vocabulary that has been included.

During the afternoons we have been doing RE and looking at what makes a good leader. The children have come up with their TOP trait they think a leader must have.


Over the next 3 weeks the children will be sitting their SATs – if anyone had any questions please come and speak to someone on the year 2 team and we can hopefully help.


A letter has been sent out about bring an adult to school day (fathers day special) for the actives we need newspaper and LOTS of it! Please can the children start to bring some in.


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend- see you all tomorrow!

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Another busy week in year 2! 

Thank you to all the parents that came in on Wednesday afternoon, it was lovely seeing so many faces. Hope the things they made got home in once piece.

We have finished our subtraction project. Hopefully the children feel more confident in this area and more able to tackle different subtract style questions and problems.

What we have spent lots of time focusing on this week is our Elmer descriptions. We wrote a rough version then spent time editing what we had wrote. During this we wanted the children to peer assess and look for spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. We then wrote out our final piece. What had been produced has been fantastic!!

As we are coming up to Easter we have been looking and retelling the Easter story. This week we retold Palm Sunday. The children did some fantastic acting. Next week we are going be looking at The Last Supper. ‘Why do we have special meals?’ ‘What might we be celebrating?’

We all designed our own batik art pattern and hopefully will be producing the final pieces this week.

Well done to Youssef this week for being our STAR OF THE WEEK.

The children have obviously been working really hard as we had 3 championship winners in our class. Jodie, Callum and Nikiyia!

Fingers crossed for good weather we are finally burning our houses to great our very own Great Fire of London. Would be brill if anyone can come to help out.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and lets have a fab last week in school before our holidays.

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Thank you to all the parents who came to our class assembly. The children did so well and were so excited to see you all 🙂

In maths we have done another week of subtraction, securing our knowledge of using a number line. This week we are applying our skills to answering word and reasoning problems.

In English we have started a new topic, using the story of Elma the Elephant! We are using this to writing character descriptions, story settings and also instructions to create our own batik piece of art.

We have mostly finished our Great Fire of London topic so in the afternoons we are focusing on RE, ICT and Art.

Approaching SATs we are hoping to do a number of papers so that the children become familiar  with what to expect. I don’t want them to feel worried or panicky! I spoke to some parents on parents evening about sending the papers home- if you don’t want this to happen just let me know!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. See you on Monday!

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30th January 2017


What another busy week!

Staircase House on Monday was brilliant we discovered so much! Well done to all the children and a massive thank you to the parents who came and helped 🙂

In maths we have continued looking at fractions and focused on finding fractions of different amounts. We used different resources in the classroom, such as crayons, money, counters and discovered ways to share them equally.

In English we started writing up our diaries from the Great Fire of London! I have been blown away by some of the writing that I have read this week. We have spent lots of time reading over our sentences and thinking of how to make them better as well as reading each others and helping improve our friends. Lots of children are achieving their moving targets which is fab!

Our star of the week goes to Taira! We have been practicing our handwriting so much in class and Taira has been trying super hard to join her handwriting. I have been very impressed.

Our championship winners this week are Ethan and Jodie and our team winners and Team Respect and Team Honesty. 

The children are very excited about burning their houses on Monday 6th, it would be brilliant to see as many parents as possible.

Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂


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23rd- 27th January


This week we started a new exciting project in maths- ‘ The Baker was fired from this job after causing the Great Fire of London. Can we replace him and make the tastiest bread ever tasted!’ After making the bread we want to invite parents in to share what we have made using our fraction knowledge.

In English we are preparing to write up our own diaries imagining we were at the great Fire of London. We have used thesauruses to find exciting vocabulary to include when writing next week.

The children have loved learning all about the plague this week and the different illnesses along with the weird and wonderful cures around in 1666. We have looked at how they are different to 2017.

Thank you to everyone who has helped create houses for our  very own Great Fire! They all look absolutely amazing!!

Just a quick reminder: Please can homework books be in no later than Wednesday and we are trying to encourage as much reading as possible, It is really important that the children are bringing their reading books into school so that they can be changed as regulatory as possible.

Monday 30th is our school trip to staircase house- please can all the children be at school for 9.00am and be in full school uniform. 

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14th November


Well it has started… Christmas! This week we introduced the children to our Nativity play and auditioned for parts. Very excitied to get started!!

In maths we finished our multiplication project and the children created our their very own array city, which looks amazing!

In English we have started to write up our own version of the book ‘The Way Back Home’. What I have read so far sounds super and some great imagination has been used. I can not wait for you all to read them.

We are currently in the middle of our art project, creating a space picture. The children have tried lots of different mediums and are now at the stage of designing their own and deciding what they are going to use in their final piece.

Next week:

We will continue to write our narrative stories. In maths we are looking at division in more detail and practicing the ‘sharing’ model.

Tuesday 22nd November- Bring an adult to school day! During this afternoon lots of arts and crafts will be going on based around our topic, explorers! Would be great to see as many adults as possible there 🙂 Lots of painting will be going on so if you want, send in an old t-shit for the children to wear over their uniform.

Hope you have had a nice weekend!

Miss Bennett

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10th October 2016


Wow! What a week we have had.

Maths – This week we started a new project. The children have been asked to design and create their very own rocket fit for an astronaut. During this project we will be  identifying both 2D and 3D shapes, along with learning all about their properties. By the end of the project the children will have a 2D design and a 3D model.

English- This week we have wrote a postcard home from space as if we are Neil Armstrong. The children have really enjoyed describing space and talking about what they think it would be like to be on the moon using their senses. We have learnt how to create a 2A and 4A sentence which the children are confidently applying to their writing.

We are in the middle of creating our Explorers topic book front covers. We have spent lots of time practicing using water colours and we have now created a night sky backdrop. They all look absolutely amazing!!!

We are still taking time out everyday to practice our handwriting and reading- I can see huge improvements which is fantastic. Keep it all up at home 🙂

Our PE lessons are on a Tuesday and Thursday so please could all children have appropriate clothing, especially when they are outside with My Hadfield on a Tuesday, it can be very cold.

Well done to all the beautiful pieces of homework which we have had in so far- the children are really enjoying sharing what they have been up to.

I hope you all have a fab weekend.. see you on Monday!

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Hello world!


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  • Make sure your first post is an exciting and engaging one!
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  • Make sure your blog demonstrates to your children how much you personally love learning. Your example will be powerful.
  • Celebrate your children’s achievements and consider them the primary audience for this blog.
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Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.

This blog will be what you make it. Enjoy!

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