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I want to say a massive well done to all the year 2’s for their hard work over the last 2 weeks. They have showed so much resilience and determination during their SATs week- One more left tomorrow!

This week we started our new English project.. Fishy Feast! We are creating instructions for the perfect meal for our penguin in peril. Apparently his favorite food is a fish finger sandwich. We have been busy  sampling different sauces and finding the key features in  a set of instructions. On Friday we planned our own, thinking about what we will need and how we are going to make it.This week we will be writing up the instructions and making the sandwiches on Thursday.

The children have been learning about different habitats and the animals that live there. We have researched the food they eat and how the animals are adapted to their surroundings. We have discovered that all animals eat different things and can be grouped into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

This week we had Sophie and Quincy make it onto the extraordinary zone for their ignite your write. They independently used resources around them to make their writing the best it could be.

Our star of the week went to Zac for his enthusiasm to reading both inside and outside school. He has brought his book in every day this week. Well done :)

Letters for Blackpool went out on Friday- can they be returned asap please.

See you all tomorrow!

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